First Editions

    The first posthumous Lone Wolf books - written by Joe Dever's son Ben and collaborator Vincent Lazzari - were prepared using extensive notes and hours of dictation taken from Joe in the weeks leading up to his passing. 

    With the publication of the 32nd and final Lone Wolf book Light of the Kai, in 2024, this trilogy of first edition Holmgard Press titles will form the capstone to the epic saga.

    Beyond the publication of the final Lone Wolf adventure, Holmgard Press is looking forward to issuing new works and broadening the universe of Magnamund.  

    These First Edition books are currently only available in the Collector's Edition format. This format differs from the Definitive Edition format in a number of key ways. They are smaller and do not have marker ribbons. The format for this series was 'locked-in' by Mongoose in 2007. 

    This version was catered to fans looking to complete their Collector's Edition sets before the Definitive Edition project was started. But these books will be made available in the larger, superior Definitive format in due course. New readers are advised to purchase the Definitive Edition books so that they have the opportunity to create a complete, matching set.

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