The Zakhan of Vassagonia, the imperial ruler of the huge desert empire south of the Lastlands, has sent his most trusted envoy to seek a treaty of peace between your two countries, and the king has asked that you sign the treaty on behalf of Sommerlund. But hopes are shattered upon your arrival at Barrakeesh - a city full of treachery and death.

    In SHADOW ON THE SAND you are the quarry of a sinister foe, determined to eliminate you at all costs. Survive, and your adventure takes you on a quest for a long-lost Sommlending treasure - a treasure that contains the secret of your destiny.

    SHADOW ON THE SAND is the fifth book in the LONE WOLF series - a unique interactive fantasy series. Each episode can be played separately or combined to create a continuous role-playing epic.

    Shadow on the Sand: Lone Wolf #5 - Definitive Edition (Hardback)


    ILLUSTRATED BY GARY CHALK - Removable jacket featuring a full-color panoramic map from FRANCESCO MATTIOLI - Fabric hardcover with debossed gold foiling - High-quality paper - Two marker ribbons The Zakhan of...

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