Edited by dedicated Lone Wolf scholars at Scriptarium and Project Aon - and with new additional material compiled by Authors August Hahn, Vincent Lazzari, and Joe's son Ben Devere - this collectible hardback is an authoritative, lasting testament to the first Lone Wolf adventure.

    YOU are the sole survivor of a devastating attack on the monastery of the Kai, who for thousands of years have protected the realm of Sommerlund from destruction at the hands of the Darklords. In FLIGHT FROM THE DARK you must set off on a perilous journey to warn the King of the gathering evil. The servants of darkness hunt you across every turn of the page. Choose your skills and your weapons carefully - your choice may be the difference between life and death in the most fantastic and terrifying journey of your life.

    For you are now the last of the Kai - you are LONE WOLF

    Flight from the Dark: Lone Wolf #1 - EXTENDED Definitive Edition (Hardback)


    ILLUSTRATED BY NERDGORE - EXTENDED 550-section version of the text (first published 2007). Updated and edited - FORTY brand-new full-page illustrations from NERDGORE - NEW COVER ART from artist ALBERTO...

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