The Huntress

    Lone Wolf: The Huntress - Marked For Death #1


    In Vassagonia there is a saying:  Two things surely will curse you: the keeping of a secret and the seeking of a secret. In your case, you are doubly cursed, for the...

    Lone Wolf: The Huntress - The Quelling of the Flame #2


    After years of searching, a clue to your past has emerged. A secret society known as The Waking Flame claims to know who you are and where you come from....

    Lone Wolf: The Huntress - Echoes of Eternity #3


    Many centuries ago, there was an island known as Voltac, a place of learning where it is said sickness and sorrow had been defeated. Then Naar destroyed the island forever,...

    Lone Wolf: The Huntress - Handmade Custom D10


    A custom ten-sided dice marked with the Waking Flame emblem in place of zero. Matte-finished, with clear red and black, and ribbons of opaque orange and cream. Rattlecake Inc.’s handmade...

    Lone Wolf: The Huntress - Waking Flame Enamel Pin Badge


    This hard enamel 25mm pin depicts the crest of the Order of the Waking Flame. The design, by David Marr, was the winning submission to the Waking Flame Fan Art...

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