Holmgard Games presents

Lone Wolf - The Miniatures Game

Kickstarter Launching Q2 2023

A solo and multi-player experience set in the fantasy world of Magnamund, Lone Wolf The Miniatures Game brings the epic adventures of The Lone Wolf Gamebooks Series to the Tabletop.
Alone or with your friends, you can undertake quests, explore the world, or even play through classic scenes from the Lone Wolf saga in whole new ways. Want to see how a battle between Lone Wolf and Archlord Zagarna might have played out amid the burning streets of Holmgard?  Struggle as Banedon all the way back to Toran after the fall of the Kai Monastery?

With the Lone Wolf Miniatures Game you will be able to experience the world of Magnamund as never before.  Kai Lords, their allies, and enemies like Giaks, Drakkarim, and the forces of Naar come alive as premium-quality miniatures with all new sculpts.

Working in partnership with Stone Sword Games - the makers of Senjutsu: Battle for Japan, Holmgard Games is proud to be bringing this game to Kickstarter in April of 2023.

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