Variety Magazine has published an exclusive article detailing the first moves towards a Lone Wolf adaptation.

The U.K.’s ChorMedia and Holmgard Ltd are adapting Joe Dever’s popular fantasy-adventure gamebook series “Lone Wolf” as a live-action interactive series.

“Urban Hymn” producer Neil Chordia will produce for ChorMedia and Joe Dever’s son Ben Devere for Holmgard.

“‘Lone Wolf’ is a special project for me, as I grew up with the gamebooks and always dreamed of seeing a live-action version on the screen,” said Chordia. “The success of Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch,’ showed that the technology now exists to add the interactive element to Lone Wolf and bring the beloved series to a whole new generation of fantasy fans and make them part of the adventure.”

“Like a fantasy-Jedi hybrid, ‘Lone Wolf’ has depth and mythology to rival Middle Earth, with all the fun and adventure of the ‘Star Wars’ saga,” Ben Devere said of the series. “What sets it apart is the interactivity baked into its DNA.”

Dever died before he could conclude the series but left behind extensive notes with his son Ben and collaborator Vincent Lazzari. “Dead in the Deep,” the first posthumous Lone Wolf gamebook, was published in 2019 and the final two books are in the works.

ChorMedia’s upcoming film slate includes golfing comedy “The Club,” to be directed by Marion Pilowsky (“The Flip Side”), and folk-horror “Speak Its Name,” from Aurora Fearnley (“Pulsar”). Its long-form drama slate includes period adventure “The Incomparables” by Vanessa Yardley and British-Asian crime drama “Hounslow” by Amit Dhut and Jaz Deol.